Lapitec, versatile and durable full-bodied sintered stone

lapitecLapitec® is the versatile and durable full-bodied sintered stone. It represents the ideal solution for a multitude of applications; indoor and outdoor cladding, paving, kitchen worktops and even for ventilated façades. Lapitec® is characterized by its large sized slabs – measuring 1500×3365 mm with thicknesses of 12, 20 and 30 mm – and by extremely high physical-mechanical properties which, along with elegance and natural colors, give an excellent result able to meet every taste and style.

The material that architects and designers were waiting for has finally arrived, and it promises to make its mark on the world of construction and design!
Cutting edge technology, for timeless style. Classic and modern. Retro and futuristic. Lapitec® knows no temporal nor aesthetic constraints. It lends itself to any project thanks to the 44 different color and design solutions, making it a valuable and versatile alternative for cladding, flooring, stairs kitchen countertop and worktop production.

Lapitec® slabs are planar and have homogeneous thicknesses: these features facilitate installation related work and give a perfectly uniform aesthetic result. The variation in the friction coefficient of different finishes make this stone suitable for many applications, both in furnishing and in architecture.

Lapitec® is impervious to the effects of time and weather, it’s highly impact resistant and completely insensitive to UV rays and acid rain. These features make it ideal for outdoor and indoor cladding in buildings of any shape and size, but also for paving and flooring requirements. It can even be used for swimming pools and spas. Thanks to its improved flexural strength and to its specific weight of 2,4 kg/dm3, this sintered stone is perfect for ventilated façades as well as large suspended floors and kitchen countertops and worktops. Lapitec® is particularly suited for the latter, as its surface do not absorb, stain or scratch, they are easy to clean and absolutely non-flammable.

All collections are subjected to Bio-Care technology that makes Lapitec® a self-cleaning and antibacterial product thanks to the properties of titanium dioxide – a catalyst able to degrade numerous organic compounds through oxidation. This treatment also makes Lapitec® particularly suitable for locations where a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene must be guaranteed, as is the case for kitchens. The treatment also protects external walls against smog, dirt, dust, paint and sprays.
Ample selection in 44 valuable solutions. Four finishes, each available in ten colors and two veined options. This results in 44 solutions that make a wide range of customizations possible, enabling designers to freely express their creativity.

The colors are inspired by nature, ranging from lighter shades such as polar white, white cream, ivory and cement grey, through to sahara, tobacco, red porphyry and ebony, and all the way up to lead grey and anthracite black. The two veined options, in pearl and coral, give each surface a refined effect.

Fossil is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor cladding and for anti-slip flooring requirements. At first sight it presents a “fossilized” shattered stone effect, with softer color tones compared to the other collections – due to its sanblasted appearance.

Vesuvio has a gentle, structured surface recalling the power and the vitality of volcanic magma during its descent from a crater. Along with its flamed granite appearance it makes slippery surfaces safer and prevents dirt from accumulating. This finish is the ideal choice for both internal and external cladding.

Satin is the elegant as silk collection that is soft to the touch. Its smooth finish and imperceptible coarseness make it easy to clean and the ideal solution for kitchen worktops and countertops, cladding and for domestic and residential flooring.

Finally, Lux, the polished mirrored surface which as the name suggests has the unique property of reflecting and enhancing luminosity, for an effect of absolute elegance.